4x4 Tours

Explore the Atlantic coastline and it’s mountains with a 4x4 tour.

Local Cuisine

Experience exquisite and authentic local Moroccan cuisine.


Immerse yourself in the Marrocan culture with its rich and vibrant colourful ceramics.

Spa & fitness

Relax in the modern and well equipped spa and fitness facility (Under development).


Tranquil scenary and kilometers of untouched beach. The perfect location for your yoga retreat in Morocco.


Tiznit souk and outdoor markets sell a huge array of delicious, freshly caught fish, embellished kaftans, flavourful olives and other Moroccan delicacies.

Argan Oil

The new gold!! A few minutes driving from Aglou Paradise, argan kernels are treated by Berber women in local cooperatives to produce the richest Argan Oil.

Gold Market

Explore Tiznit and discover its exceptional gold jewellery.


Tiznit is internationally renowned for its traditional Berber silver jewellery, mint, daggers and sabres.